Welcome back, midterms. No one missed you

Hey!  First of all, I’m posting before 9 p.m. so that in itself is an accomplishment.

I had a pretty late night doing homework yesterday, and tonight I have three papers to finish as well as Stats homework so looks like tonight will be pretty similar.  But Wednesday nights are both awful and awesome because I never have any work due for my classes on Friday – so basically, after classes on Thursday I can just relax and enjoy my evening!

Midterms are upon us here, and I am definitely feeling it.  This is what my life looks like right now:



But I’m free once I finish these papers…at least until Monday!  Three tests next week, but I’ll take exams over papers any day.

This morning I had a hankering for chocolate, if you can’t tell by my breakfast…



I’m a big fan of overnight oats…so easy and perfect for these not-too-cold mornings we’re having here lately.  I made my oats in chocolate almond milk and topped with a teaspoon of PB and a handful of chocolate chips.  It definitely powered me through the morning!

I got out of Chem lab early today and went straight to the gym to get in a workout before starting on homework.  Today my workout was a little bit of an easier set since yesterday was pretty hard:

1 minute each, x2:


one-legged squats (weighted)

one-legged calf raises (weighted)

tricep kickbacks (free weights)

lying rows (free weights)


plank (off plyo box)

Some of my friends and I deemed the second-to-last exercise “jackhammers,” even though they’re just your basic jackknife (V crunches), because we do them as fast as possible for the given time, without sacrificing form.

After I got back from the gym, I made myself a cup of coffee and started in on my papers.  Working out always clears my head!

Sadly, it is time to get back to work now so I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. 🙂


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