It’s the Little Things

I have just been happy all day today.  Ever since I woke up.  Even though I only got 6 hours of sleep (which is way less than my usual 8-9!), I was still peppy!

Thursdays are fantastic because I never have anything due for Friday classes so after my Bio lab lets out at 6:30, I can relax! 😀  And there wasn’t a lot of relaxing for me this week, so tonight has been wonderful.  I admit, I’ve been watching episodes of Dance Moms and the Following in my pajamas since 7.  No shame.

My great mood today made me notice all of the little things I often neglect to appreciate in my life right now.  Here are some of the ones that I was appreciating today:

  • It was so cold and windy on campus today, but my ankle stayed nice and toasty because my walking cast is basically like a windbreaker on steroids.
  • Having early classes gives me the chance to see the campus while it is still “asleep.”  Eerie, but in a cool way.  Bonus: the sky was gorgeous this morning as I was walking to class.
  • My Bio prof made the usual Thursday quiz a group quiz.  WIN.
  • My friends are awesome.
  • Someone complemented me on my (sweat)pants.  Thought about questioning their judgment, then I just let it happen.  I’ll take it.
  • My mom is basically a superhero (okay, so this isn’t a little thing, but I still don’t acknowledge it enough!).

There is so much more I could add to that list, but it’s too much to write!  Those are just a few of the (completely random) things that really made me happy today. 🙂  And tomorrow is FRIDAY!  I’m going home right after my last class – my little sis has an all-county band concert that I promised I wouldn’t miss.  Weekends with family are the best!

And I’ll be trying out a bunch of recipes this weekend, so stay tuned to hear about my baking adventures!

Have an awesome Friday, and don’t forget to be thankful for the little things. 🙂


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