A Lazy (but Surprisingly Productive) Saturday

Good afternoon, interweb!

I love Saturdays, especially ones with family.  Typically Saturdays are soccer days in my house, but this is the lovely winter lull between fall and spring seasons for the little sister.  So this morning was nice and relaxing…drinking coffee, girl time with my mom while my sister and dad were out, and BAKING!

I hit the food prep hard today and we made muffins and waffles – half of each batch to freeze and half to take back to school for this week.  I had a few of the waffles for breakfast…so good!

We made the waffles from a Baker’s Corner (from Aldi) GF baking mix – the recipe on the side of the box (mix, milk, oil, eggs).  We added 2 Tbsp. ground flax seed to the mix and a little extra milk and the waffles turned out great!


While my mom was making the waffles, I was making a double batch of flourless chocolate chip muffins using a recipe from Running with Spoons.  We are out of almond butter right now so I subbed in PB and they turned out great!  I made them in a square muffin pan because I’m hipster like that (but not really…).


They’re delicious!  Very moist and easy to make – took about 20 minutes to prep (mainly because our blender sucks at life) and about 15-17 minutes to bake since the pan was dark.  They’re pretty rich though…I’ll probably cut them in half to have with breakfast this week.

After baking and cleaning up, I did a short workout (2x):

20 pushups

20 jackhammers

20 tricep dips

20 regular crunches

20 streamline crunches

20 one-legged calf raises

20 one-legged squats

Then it was lunch (banana with sunbutter and a greek yogurt with chia seeds) and some studying for my Spanish test on Monday, then catching up on blogs I follow.  On the agenda for the rest of the day is dinner with the fam (TACOS!) then the little sister’s all-county band concert!  WOOOOO.

Also, I forgot my cast shower cover at school and had to go old-school with the trash bag and duct tape today…luckily I did a smaller bag inside the trash bag because the trash bag somehow leaked (um, hello, LeakGuard?!  Apparently not…) and there was a puddle in the bottom of the bag when I took it off.  Is it bad that I kinda hoped my cast had gotten wet so they would have to take it off a week early?  Sorry not sorry…

Anyway, gotta go get ready…so enjoy the rest of your Saturday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Lazy (but Surprisingly Productive) Saturday

  1. I love Aldi! I have seen that GF baking mix there. I haven’t bought it because I’m not GF, but I thought it was cool Aldi had it. 🙂

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