Pizza Friday!!


I had class until two today and then I left school to head home for the weekend!  I’ve been here for only four hours and the baking weekend has already begun.  My mom and I stopped at Common Market to get groceries and goodies (hello, sunbutter and GF pretzels!) and grabbed lattes at Starbucks on the way home.

My mom had the great idea to use a GF baking mix we had to make pizza crust for homemade pizza tonight.  Um, YUM.  It’s cooling now and smells awesome!  I haven’t had pizza in forever….perfect Friday treat. 🙂

The crust and unbaked cheesy pepperoni-y goodness…



…And the finished product.  OM NOM NOM.


Tomorrow is going to be a baking day.  On the agenda are GF muffins, coffee cake, cornbread, and waffles!  I think I’m definitely jumping on the food prep train so I’m going to make big batches and freeze some of the waffles to have for breakfast during the week.  I’ll be posting the recipes and details of my cooking adventures in a few separate posts tomorrow and Sunday.  WARNING: there will be images of delicious food.  Be prepared.

On the agenda for tonight is the opening ceremony of the Olympics and a workout that is still to be determined!  I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Friday – and to all my fellow east-coasters, stay warm!


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