Back to School!

I’m back to school and finally settled in for the night!  I got back around 5:30 and unpacked, did a quick workout (same one as yesterday), and then studied for my Spanish test.  Honestly I have no clue what to expect from it so I’m just crossing my fingers and praying that I know my stuff…

On a more happy note, the little sister’s band concert last night was long, but she did great!  It was the all-county middle school band that she auditioned for a few months ago (and she obviously rocked her audition!).  Unfortunately, the all-county chorus and orchestra performed before the band so it was a long wait before the band got on stage.  But she was fantastic, no surprise there!  Second chair in the first flute section like a boss.

We went to church this morning then my dad made pancakes for brunch after. 🙂  He’s so nice…he even made me GF ones with the fresh blueberries (the ones we nabbed at Common Market on Friday) in them!  And there were leftovers to have this week for breakfast.



I also brought back lots of other goodies from home!  Waffles and muffins that we made Saturday, leftover pizza, sunbutter, fresh grapes and clementines, greek yogurt, almond milk, GF ginger snaps…basically I’m set.

This week is going to be crazy…I just want my midterms to be done!  I am already counting down the days to Friday when I can relax again.  Plus we have next Monday off AND I GET MY CAST OFF THAT DAY!  Just sayin’. Basically, I have many reasons to be looking forward to Friday.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a good Monday!  Friday will be here before we know it. 🙂


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