Sweet Relief!

*Insert giant sigh of relief here*

The Spanish midterm was easy!  YAY! 🙂  The amount of excitement I am currently feeling is seriously HUGE.  Not exaggerating.  I know I missed one question from the section we had to answer based on the video we were shown, but the point value for it was negligible anyway!

Now what else is on the agenda for today?  Not very much!  And I’m loving that.  I’m meeting up with my Bio lab partner later to do some planning for this week’s lab, then dinner, then…relaxing?  I don’t have anything due tomorrow so hopefully I can catch up on some non-school items I need to get done and phone calls I need to make.  Hooray for crossing things off of my to-do list!

This morning I had one of Saturday’s muffins (I thought about only eating half, then I decided to be dauntless and eat the whole thing) and a greek yogurt.  Yum.  I even gave myself enough time to have a cup of coffee before heading to Chem so I would be fully awake for my Spanish test!  Go Marissa.

Since then, I’ve been in such a good mood and the only thing that would really make it better would be a run.  Honestly, I could even go for a spin despite my love-hate relationship with spinning.  I’m just craving cardio.  I’m also craving an hour or so at the piano so I may head over to the other dorm and hit up the practice room tonight.

Today is also a very important day because………..I GET MY CAST OFF IN ONE WEEK! 🙂  This is especially awesome because in this last week or so, the itch has been REAL.  Of course my leg couldn’t itch near the top of my cast where it would be accessible.  Nah.  My ankle itches.  And my heel.  And I was specifically told not to stick any objects down my cast to try to scratch unless I want an infected incision site.  No thanks, I’ll pass.  So in one week I’ll be saying adios to that with no sadness at all!

I just got back from the gym and did a short set sans squats since my right knee and ankle are feeling a little tired from being on my feet this weekend.  Today’s workout was a pyramid:

15 tricep dips

20 jackhammers

25 lat pull-downs

30 push-ups

25 regular crunches

20 oblique crunches

15 shoulder push-ups

So that’s that.  If you can run (heck, I’ll take any type of cardio at all), feel free to comment below and tell me all about it so I can get a vicarious cardio fix.  Muchas gracias.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post – I didn’t have my life together enough this morning to have coffee AND take pictures sooooo I made an important decision between the two….and coffee won out.  Haha.  There will be pictures tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and if not, remember that Friday is only four days away. 🙂


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