Happy Belated February 14th!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday…things got crazy and I had to pack to come home and whatnot…

My Valentine’s Day was good!  Nothing special, but that’s the way I like it.  I’m not in a relationship and not really looking to be in one right now, so I was not feeling sad to be single this February 14th.  Honestly, I’m perfectly happy with where I am in my life right now and I know the right guy will come around when it’s meant to happen.

My mom picked me up from school and we got Heart Day lattes at Starbucks on the way home, then my dad made steaks for dinner, which was awesome!  We always celebrate Valentine’s Day with little gifts in the family, and my parents got my sister and me necklaces (mine is a pretty silver cross!) and candy.  They know me so well…King size Reese’s!  Love me some chocolate and peanut butter.

After dinner, I had a hot date with this pretty lady:


One of my favorite things about coming home is seeing my dog, Maggie!  She’s the sweetest, most cuddly, best pup ever.  So basically my soul mate.


Her hobbies include sleeping on her bed, sleeping on the couch, sleeping on MY bed, making me feel guilty whenever I’m not petting her, and making the above adorable sad face all day every day.


One of my favorite things about coming home is spending time with my puppy!  Last night she was perfectly content to snuggle on the couch and watch Olympic figure skating with me (read: steal my blanket, hog the couch, and snore loudly).  I don’t even care…she’s too darn cute!  Maggie + chocolate + Olympics = a pretty darn good Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Today I had a belated Valentine’s Day girls’ date with one of my best friends from home!  She just happened to be home this weekend too, so we caught up over lattes.  I love our coffee dates because we both are super nerds, so we bring our homework and always manage to get lots of work done AND talk nonstop!  We were there for almost four hours just catching up.  It’s a godsend that she goes to school pretty close to DC, so even when we’re not home we can usually visit each other on weekends.  Love that girl!

So obviously I can’t get through this post without at least mentioning food once.  My dad makes a mean guacamole and the avocados were ripe today, so we had Mexican for dinner.  Dad and the little sister had quesadillas, but my mom wanted to try out tostadas so I had one of those with her!  Basically, a tostada is like the Mexican equivalent of an open-faced sandwich…and ours were delicious.


Haha…I love that you can see my Reese’s in the bottom corner of that picture.  Although I have not been in a candy mood lately, I can ALWAYS put away some peanut butter cups.  I can neither confirm nor deny that a Reese’s heart will be part of my breakfast tomorrow.

So a little bit of real talk to end my post.  I get my cast off on Monday and I cannot wait – and thinking about it the past couple days, the recovery hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  The surgeon cut and shortened the ligaments in my ankle, released and debrided the peroneal tendons, and cleared out a bit of cartilage damage…and I only had pain for the first three or four days.  I don’t even take Tylenol anymore and I only have occasional discomfort – NEVER pain.  I feel so lucky, and I am so thankful for my awesome surgeon and my really supportive parents who dealt with me even on my “I JUST WANT TO SHAVE MY LEG” and “I NEED CARDIO” days.  Haha.  And my physical therapist because she’s the bomb dot com.  Basically, I am just feeling incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped me over the past couple of months and I can’t wait to see what the next step of my recovery will bring!  (……..hopefully some cardio.  Haha.)

That is all I have for you today!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day/February 14th. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Belated February 14th!

  1. This is BIG!! I’m so excited for you to get your cast off! I wonder how hairy your leg will be? You should totally take a pic. Your Maggie girl is so sweet. I can tell she loves when you are home. 🙂 Curling up with pets is the best.

  2. She is the sweetest! Of course she makes that tortured face every time I try to take a picture. 😛 Haha….I seriously cannot wait to shave. And I really want to do some cardio! My PT eval is next Friday so that will be when I find out my true back-to-running plan. Exciting! 🙂

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