No More Cast for This Girl!

Oh happy day.  My leg can now breathe because NO MORE WALKING CAST! 🙂

The surgeon was very happy with how my ankle looked and I now only have an Aircast brace.  Holla.  My ankle is super stiff and really tight but that is to be expected.  No pain though, so that is fan-freaking-tastic!

Next Friday is my PT eval and the surgeon says I can start doing CARDIO (elliptical, bike) within the next two weeks per my physical therapist’s advisement.  So excited!!!!

I did get a nasty rash on the front of my ankle thanks to my super-sensitive skin.  I am just thankful that I had my cast in the winter and not in the summer, because the heat would have made it 1849362578545282251 times worse.  On the other hand, it is pretty gross.

Also, the whole outer layer of skin on my leg and foot just came right off.  Soooo that was pleasant…I have put on lotion roughly ten separate times in the hopes of getting rid of this rash and stopping the skin flaking!  So far my plan is working.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I am basically falling asleep as I am writing it.  I will share more (with pictures!) tomorrow after I hopefully survive my rescheduled 7:30 a.m. Bio exam and get a better idea of how my ankle is feeling sans cast!

Have a great Tuesday, everybody! 🙂


2 thoughts on “No More Cast for This Girl!

  1. Ouch! That rash looks really itchy! I’m allergic to band aids and medical tape so I get rashes like that when I have minor surgery or tape my feet up because of my plantar fasciitis, but never anything that bad looking! Sorry, I hope I don’t offend. I don’t think it looks “nasty” just uncomfortable. 😦

  2. It is! I have super-sensitive skin so I feel ya. I would like to wear some of my running shorts that have been neglected for so long haha…but not until it goes away!

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