The Post-Cast Life

Ahh…my leg can breaaaathe.  Also, did you know it is possible to get goosebumps on only one leg and nowhere else?  Fun fact.  Apparently my left leg has been a little too sheltered these past six weeks and just can’t handle cold.

Speaking of weather, it is – GASP – actually warm here!  Gone is the frigid weather and spring is here!  Well, at least for the next week.  I’ll take it, Mother Nature.  I’ll take it.  Now if only I could run…

So I promised a more detailed recap of my post-op appointment/cast removal, and I had hoped to post it yesterday but unfortunately Chemistry happened.  In my opinion, “formal lab report” is synonymous with “cruel and unusual punishment.”  And no, if you’re wondering, I am not actually bad at Chem, it just…well, it’s Chem.  We Biology majors just can’t.  Basically, I was up way too late doing my formal lab AND my post-lab from last week’s lab AND writing the procedure and pre-lab for this week’s lab.  Womp.

Also, just for the record, I got back from Chem lab FOUR HOURS AGO and I still have a goggle line on my forehead…stylin’.

Glad that is done with!  So let’s talk ankle.  The cast is officially off!  The surgeon said everything looks good and at the six month post-op mark everything should be exactly where we want it, meaning the ligaments will have loosened a little bit to a more normal ROM.  I have only had a little bit of pain near the middle of my fifth metatarsal, which is kind of weird but understandable since the peroneal tendons attack to the fifth metatarsal and those were part of the reconstruction party too.  The swelling is not bad at all!  Considering how much I’m on my feet during the day, I am pretty impressed with the lack of swelling.

Unfortunately, I have this nasty cast rash all up my shin and calf and on the front of my ankle.  What is on the front of my ankle is drying up pretty quickly but the stuff on my leg is hard to get rid of!  I’m trying to figure out the best way to treat it and so far I’m coming up empty.  Sorry for the grossness…cast life problems.  Any suggestions are much appreciated.

So here is what my lovely ankle is looking like right now:



Sorry, but no close-up shots of the outside/incision area until that nastiness clears up.  I kind of like when people read my blog without the urge to cover their eyes sooo I’ll post a picture this weekend when I don’t look like I have chickenpox.  Looks like I’ll be wearing long pants for the foreseeable future…that combined with my perpetual goggle-indented face will make me the most attractive kid on campus.  OH WAIT.  That’s not a thing.

But I think – wait for it…wait for it – I think I might wear JEANS tomorrow.  Ohhhhhh my gosh it has been toooo long.  And I hate jeans.  But I am tired of wearing Underarmour sweatpants and pretending like I’m not getting judged for making every day sweatpants day.  Haters gonna hate.

With regards to running, I can start into some elliptical and spinning – light cardio – workouts within the next two weeks.  I am going to wait until I see my PT next Friday before I hop back on the cardio train just so I can be sure I’m not going to mess anything up by doing so.  So excited!

And the BIG NEWS: I will hopefully be able to start running about six weeks out from now!  Straight running only with the brace on, but I’ll take it.  I just want to RUN!!!  And now the end is in sight.  Hooray! 🙂

That is all from me!  I am going to go back to watching Castle and possibly taking a nap in the near future.  I hope everyone is having a great week…it’s already Wednesday!  This week is halfway over already.  I can roll with that.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Post-Cast Life

  1. You are such an inspiration!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!! I am so, so, so excited for you. I can feel your happiness in your post. 🙂

  2. Aww thanks. 🙂 I can’t wait to run. I miss it! My running buddy from home came to visit this weekend and I just can’t wait until I can run with her again this summer!

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