What’s Not to Love on This Awesome Thursday?

I think I may have mentioned this a lot a few times: Thursday is the best day of the week.  

Think about it.

Thursday is Friday’s Friday.  No one has any work due on Fridays (and if you do, I am so sorry, friend…) so on Thursday night there is nothing to worry about!  So nice.  Just me, a mug of coffee, my laptop, and Xfinity on Demand to catch up on this week’s TV shows.

Another thing that I am loving today: guess what I am wearing right now.  This is big.  I have JEANS on.  After six weeks in a cast, this proclaimed jeans-hater is loving her denim-constricted life today!


Note: Just because I wear jeans does not mean I have to wear a nice shirt. Why else would I own fifty billion t-shirts?

Something else great about Thursdays for me: my schedule is really holey.  I mean that quite literally – my Thursday schedule has breaks of at least an hour between every class.  It’s also my longest day, but I don’t really mind because it’s such a relaxed schedule!  So basically, time to eat between every class.  WIN.

A random thing that I am loving this Thursday?  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  I was a big Late Night fan and I watched the first couple episodes of the Tonight Show with Fallon as the host and it is great!  His monologues always get me laughing out loud, which is pretty rare for a TV show.  I like keeping my roommate guessing by putting my headphones in to watch it online and appearing to laugh at complete silence.

I also had a super lovely Skype call last night with my best friend who goes to school in Boston.  I miss her like crazy!  I have never been to Boston so I’m really hoping to take a weekend sometime soon to visit her.

Gahh I was doing so well with not doing late-night posts…but I have regressed.  This is what 4:00 Bio lab and Spanish homework do to me.  Apologies!

Also, I’m icing my ankle because apparently that is the only thing that is going to keep the itch away.  And because it is swollen from walking/standing today.  And it hurts to walk in two spots on opposite sides of my ankle, sooo that’s cool.  I am trying to be proactive here with the ice so that I can get to pain-free walking (read: pain-free running).  Also, I need to buy a foam roller because my calf and hammie are REALLY tight.  Yowza.

Lastly, I don’t know about any of you guys, but I get seriously random nighttime cravings.  This strangeness needs to be addressed.  Why can’t my stomach want something normal at nine o’clock at night?  I am currently munching on two clementines and drinking a cup of decaf coffee which taste absolutely GROSS together but I’m also enjoying it…is that weird?  Last night it was tea and walnuts, which were also kind of gross together but I just wanted them.  Sometimes I just don’t.   Understand.  

I apologize for the extremely random/late post, but it was just one of those days!  But it was a good day. 🙂

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday (psst…tomorrow’s Friday!!  In case you weren’t aware)!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s Not to Love on This Awesome Thursday?

  1. Now you have a totally random, late night blogger commenting in your post, too. At least you’re craving healthy things! I crave Swedish fish! And yay for getting to wear jeans!

  2. I LOVE Swedish fish! Hence why I don’t keep them in my dorm room. 😀

  3. Woohoo for jeans!!!!! I am so excited you have your cast off. You look so happy. 🙂 Funny, I am watching The Tonight Show right now.

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