Hey everyone!  Happy Saturday to ya. 🙂

Guess what happened today…………..A WHOLE TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES OF SPIN!!!

And yes, it was awesome.  No pain during, and not too bad after either.  I was loving being part of the early morning gym crowd again – it’s so much easier to go early when I’m looking forward to it!  I definitely took it easy, low resistance and short time.  I don’t want to push it, especially because it has been feeling so good.  Fingers crossed it keeps feeling that way! 🙂



Shameless post-gym selfie. I was just really happy, okay?

My post-workout plans changed a little bit because I ended up having a study day with one of my friends.  Don’t worry, I still got my Starbucks!  We went to brunch and then headed over to the student center to do some Chemistry.  Bio major problems.  Haha.  But studying with a friend is a hundred times better than studying by myself!

Also, apparently my metabolism really loved getting back into a cardio groove because I have been starving all day today.  Uh HELLO, it was only twenty-five minutes, body!  No need to make such a big stink about it.  But hey, I have no problem with eating.  I can neither confirm nor deny that the majority of the food on my plate at brunch today was meat.  (And I ate it all.)

My friend from PA was supposed to be coming down tomorrow, but the weather for her drive back tomorrow night is not looking promising…so she had to cancel.  Bummer…I did all my homework today so that I could have all day for fun stuffs with her tomorrow…so now what?  Sad. 😦  Snow ruins everything!  It’s March!  Come on, Mother Nature.  Help a girl out.

Another frustrating thing: I have officially run out of all of my important food supplies.  I’m out of oats.  I’m out of Greek yogurt.  I have no Kind bars and no granola bars.  But the real issue lies in the fact that spring break is less than a week away…so do I restock now or do I just tough it out and do a big grocery run over break?  The struggle is real.  We’ll see how long I can last…haha.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! 🙂  Stay warm, friends.


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