Sunday is for Spinning

Hey friends!  How was everyone’s weekend?

I’m getting ready to hunker down for the next day or two because it sounds like we have quite the storm heading our way!  Hopefully it doesn’t cause too many issues for my plans for this week.

So following up on yesterday’s mention of my need for food supplies, I ended up needing to go to CVS for other things anyway so I grabbed a big container of oats too!  That should be enough to get me through the week.  Gotta have my oats!

I went to the gym again today to do another short spin session!  I went with a plan of aiming for thirty minutes and stopping whenever I felt my ankle getting worn out or starting to get sore.  I made it to twenty-five and stopped because it wasn’t hurting but it was definitely starting to get uncomfortable.  Being extra-cautious!  Even if it was only twenty-five minutes, it was still heavenly. 🙂

I have just been relaxing today after going to the gym, grabbing breakfast, and making a CVS trip.  I would like to thank my good friend Russell Stover for fueling my workout this morning…due to my lack of breakfast food, I ate breakfast after going to the gym and just had a cup of coffee and some chocolate before.  Hehe.


Remember that problem I have with eating my food before I get my camera out? Yeah……….this wrapper is empty.

I honestly am not really feeling this snow…I have two tests and a paper due this week, and the tests are on Monday and Tuesday!  So if we get this storm, it is going to really mess with those exams.  This is the ONE time that I actually want tests to happen because my spring break starts Friday and I would prefer not to have studying to do over break!

My best friend, who was supposed to come today, will now be coming Friday!  I’m so excited that we could reschedule.  FRIEND TIME! 🙂

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!  And for those of you that are going to be affected by the storm tomorrow, stay safe!


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