I’m Back…with Muffins, of Course!

But seriously.  I have applesauce oatmeal muffins on a rack cooling right now and they smell heavenly.

On a different note, sorry for not posting this weekend!  I had plans from right after class ended on Friday and pretty much non-stop all weekend.  Because I had so much fun, I want to share!  Without further ado, here is a little weekend recap for ya. 🙂


My friend S came down to D.C. around two – right after I got out of Chem lecture, she called me saying she had found her way from the parking garage to my dorm and was waiting for me there!  I swear, that girl is the most directionally talented person I know.

After I dumped my school stuff and changed into more socially acceptable clothing (I was wearing sweats, as usual….) we headed out to grab coffee and a late lunch!  We grabbed coffee at Baked & Wired and then walked around the waterfront, and headed to Booeymonger afterward for food.

We both decided after the fact that it proooobably would have been better to do food first and coffee second considering neither of us had really eaten anything since breakfast…oh well.  It was delicious, so no regrets!

After that, we headed back to the school and S watched me pack for an hour or so (yes, it took me that long because I can never decide what to take and what to leave in my dorm…and I always forget something important) then we headed to my house!  S is the sweetest – she drove me home from school.  Saaaank you S! 🙂


On Saturday, everyone woke up ready to clean and prepare for the little sister’s sleepover party.  Since everyone was busy, I made french toast (GF for me, whole wheat for everyone else) and that seemed to hit the spot!  Then some cleaning happened.  At noon it was time for the little sis to go to soccer practice with my dad and that meant it was time to go shopping at Common Market (our favorite store!) and hit Starbucks for chai lattes.  My mom gave up coffee for Lent…she is my hero.

After we went shopping, we came back and finished up with the birthday cake and did some more food prep for the party!  At 6:30 the girls arrived and our house was the place to be.  I mostly tried to stay out of the way to give the girls some privacy, so I hung out with my parents for the evening…which ended with me lying with my head in my mom’s lap watching Parenthood on my laptop until midnight.  I swear I am an adult….haha.


There is nothing quite like waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon.  My parents were up early making breakfast for my sister and her friends so that it would be ready when they woke up.  My dad even made me some GF pancakes with enough left over that I will be enjoying them for the next few days.  Yum!

Around noon I headed up to my older sister’s school to spend the day with her.  We watched the live stream of the women’s basketball ECAC championship game and hung out with some of her friends.  After we went to an early dinner, we just hung out for a little while.  Love that girl! 🙂  I love that her friends are so welcoming – I never feel out of place when I go to visit.

After I came back, we just watched a little TV together and I finished up a Spanish assignment (one of my only spring break assignments…yay!) before going to bed.  I’m super excited because the Good Wife is back!  Does anyone else watch that show?  I love that they incorporate current issues and events into the storyline so that it seems very realistic, plus the cast is great.  Definitely one of my faves.


So that is what I did this weekend!  It was a busy but good one, and I am excited to relax and spend time with friends and family this week while on break.  Today I got up and made muffins after having a leisurely breakfast.



And yes, they taste as good as they look. 🙂

Maggie helped…well, not really.  She was napping.  But she looked so darn cute!


This is basically how she spends the majority of her day…

After my mom got back from volunteering at the church, we ate lunch and then went for a walk!  The poochie sure did appreciate that, and now she is napping happily. 🙂  I have just been sitting outside since we got back because this sixty-degree weather we are having is just gorgeous!  Apparently it is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow and I am loving the sound of that.  I see lots of walks in Maggie’s future!  (No complaints from her about that.)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “I’m Back…with Muffins, of Course!

  1. I have been wanting to make muffins for a while, I am jealous, lol. It sounds like you had a great weekend! How many sisters do you have? Two?

    • Breakfast foods are my favorite (if you couldn’t tell…haha)! I also made raspberry-chocolate scones on Monday and they are wonderful. 🙂

      And yes, I have two sisters: one is thirteen (7th grade) and the other is 20 (junior in college).

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