Time with Grandma, a New Watch, and Running Items I Need to Buy

Random, I know.  But today was such a good day!

This morning I got up early (getting up at 7:30 on break – especially after the time change – is a big deal!) to take my little fur sister for a walk!  I wanted to get in a walk before we headed to my grandma’s and before the nasty weather rolled in.  Apparently it was a good one, because when we got home she wouldn’t stop following me around and wagging her tail.  And now she is napping on the couch next to me. 🙂  Guess I tired her out!



Mid-morning, my mom and I headed to my grandma’s to spend the better part of the day with her.  She needed to run a few errands so we headed out around eleven.  We had lunch at Applebee’s (which was DELICIOUS…I got the Napa Chicken with Portobello Mushrooms and I ate it ALL…that never happens).  After we ate, we headed to Kohl’s on a mission to get Grandma a new can opener and some clothes.

The trip to Kohl’s was wonderful for me because my watch broke last week while I was at school, so I needed a new one.  Sad.  I am so reliant on my watch that it was pure torture not to have one.  My friends at school always ask me the time/date and every time I went to check my watch and found only bare arm, I got so angry.  Haha…not even joking.  The watch envy has been real this past week.  But I got a new one today!!  It made me so happy. 🙂

I also got new socks!  I love Nike socks so I grabbed a three-pack of quarter-length socks.  For some reason, this also made me very happy.  Ankle socks leave a weird dent in my cankle (haaaaaaaahaha) and sometimes mid-calves are just too hot, so I have been envying the quarter-length sock people at the gym lately.  When I saw them on sale at Kohl’s, I grabbed a pack.  (I can just hear S saying, “IMPULSE BUY!” when I tell her about this…)

I don’t think I am an impulse buyer, per say, but rather an ooh-I-actually-need-that-thing-so-I-should-get-it-now-before-I-forget buyer.  So that’s kind of a good thing!

Speaking of buying, I have been thinking a lot about things I need to purchase in the near future.  I really hate spending money on items for myself, like clothes, so usually this would get me down…but not in this case!  Most of the things I need to get are running related, so I’m actually really excited!  This is the list I have compiled so far:

1. New running shoes.  Sadly, both of my pairs of running shoes (they’re both the same, I just rotate them) have almost reached their mileage quota and I need to get a new pair.  I hate shelling out the money to buy them, but few things are as wonderful as new running shoes!

2. Compression socks.  I have heard wonderful things about PRO Compression and have been eyeing a pair of their marathon socks for a while since I know my ankle will swell regularly for a while, especially when I run.  PLUS they come in such fun colors!

3.  Running shorts.  Okay, so I don’t really need them.  But I saw a few really cute pairs of Nike ones in Kohl’s today and I want them.  Maybe I will use them as a little celebratory gift to myself once I can run again!  (And who knows, maybe they’ll be on clearance by then and it will be a win-win situation.)

4.  Foam roller.  Oh gosh…this has been on my list for so long and I still haven’t gotten it.  My muscles would love me for buying one!

5.  iPod Shuffle.  I have an iPod Touch, which is lovely, but [knock on wood] it is still working great after about four years and I don’t want to risk ruining it by getting it wet or getting caught in the rain with it during a run.  The Shuffle is so cheap and clips on that it just seems so much more convenient (and A LOT cheaper to replace!) so I think it would be a worthwhile investment.  This will probably go on my birthday list for this year!

So there you have it!  Does anyone else get really excited about buying new running gear?  Please tell me it’s not just me…haha.

Lastly, I apologize for the lack of pictures today.  I turned on my camera and got a “Battery Exhausted” message and automatic shut-off.  Well fine, if that’s how it’s going to be…anyway, yeah.  My battery is charging now so PICTURES TOMORROW!  I promise.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day (HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!) and have a great rest of the week! 🙂


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