I Miss Real Food…

I just want to eat real food.  And to work out.  I hate being sick, especially when I’m not sick-sick (like with a fever and chills).  My digestive system is in full-blown rebellion…long story short, noooobody knows what is happening but I have not been eating much and I’ve been nauseated and sick which SUCKS.  And my roommate came in last night with a big, juicy burger and fries and I was SO MAD.  SO.  MAD.  You know, I was just enjoying my bread and banana while that burger’s greasy goodness was simultaneously making my mouth water and making me nauseated.  Is that even possible?  Ugh, I just want to get through this week.

Anyway, I’m done complaining now.  On the plus side, I guess I have lots of things to look forward to once I reclaim my digestive tract…which will hopefully be soon!

So what has been happening while I took my blogging hiatus?  Anything interesting?  I feel out of touch with the world…I’ve been doing lots of sleeping…

Yeppppppp I wish I had something else to write about, but my favorite topics are 1.) working out and 2.) food, and neither of those have been happening over the last week sooooooo…

Let’s talk about the things I have been loving this week while I have been a member of the living dead!  Hmmm…let’s see:

– Chex cereal.  <— My best friend right now.  I always feel like I am just eating air when I eat Chex, but that is actually a good thing right now!

– My boyfriend…….pillow.  (Haha…gotcha, Mom!)  When all else fails, this pillow is the perfect nap buddy.

– SLEEP.  I hate sleeping during the day, I really do…but a lot of that has been happening and it helps.  A LOT.  If only there were more hours in the day…

– Comfy pants.  Pshhhh looking nice is for college-student impostors.  Get real.  Comfy pants are where it’s at.  Plus they reduce the time it takes to get dressed by half.  Win-win situation right there.

– My friends.  Don’t know what I would do without them!  Missed the lecture?  No worries, friends got me covered.  Thank youuuuuu to my beautiful fraaaaands I love you!

So that’s a little snapshot of my life right now for ya.  Now excuse me while I go drink some more Gatorade and watch Bones.

OHHH WAIT speaking of TV, does anyone watch the Good Wife?  If so, what did you think about Sunday’s episode?  I think I was in shock.  Scratch that – I’m still in shock.

Okay, now I’m actually done…please excuse this disorganized blog post – if you could see inside my brain right now, well, it looks a lot like this blog post!  Haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Miss Real Food…

  1. I hear you! I really feel like the clean eating has been helping me with the whole GI thing, so let’s hope it continues! And mmm I love chex too and completely forgot about how much I love them until I read your post!

    • They have been getting me through this week big time! The doctor put me on the “BRAT” diet until it gets a little better so I have been eating basically all brownish-colored foods…but even when I’m not sick, I love putting Chex in my yogurt or eating them dry!

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