And the Wait Continues…

Oh hey there, kiddos.  What’s crackin?  It’s Thursdaaaaaay…best day of the weeeeeek!

First of all, let’s talk about this:


Skim chai latte. Nom.

The people at the Starbucks on campus are seriously the nicest people ever.  I mean, how can it NOT make your day when someone writes that on your cup?! 🙂  It may have been a little better if there were coffee in the cup, but I am willing to sacrifice my java for a healed stomach.

Soooooo I talked to my physical therapist yesterday at my appointment, and I asked her about something I’ve been trying not to bug her about (and failing at that…haha)…RUNNING.  I’m at the three-month post-op mark and was hoping to be able to run soon, but my ROM and strength are nowhere near ready.  Unfortunately, I’m still probably about two months or so out from running.  Ah well…the wait continues.  BUT I would rather be healthy and strong before I start than to get injured again because I started running again too early.  It’s just a trade-off that has to be made, and I know it will make my first run back even more awesome because I’ve had to wait so long! 🙂

How has everyone’s week been going?  Mine went pretty quickly, especially because I had been feeling so awful and sleeping a lot.  I think the new meds are helping so much though because I am feeling so much better today!  It’s just a good day.  So much potential for good things to happen today!  I’m just feeling it.

I hope that everyone has a great Thursday!  (Notice how I can actually say “hope everyone has” and not “hope everyone had” because I’M POSTING IN THE MORNING and that’s a big deal.)  Later taters. 🙂


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