Shorts Weather!

Good morning everyone!

It is a balmy forty-six degrees here in our nation’s capital, with a high of around sixty-two degrees expected today.  I am loving that!

As a former soccer player, the cold doesn’t bother me much because I have played games in all kinds of awful, cold, wet weather before.  (Case in point: during playoffs last season, we played games on fields that they had just bulldozed the snow off of.)  I’m pretty sure I just have no temperature receptors left in my legs, which is fine.  Who needs them anyway?  Haha.  Because of this, I don’t really consider many temperatures to be truly cold.

Therefore, whenever I see the expected temp for the day to be above fifty or fifty-five degrees I get really excited because that is SHORTS WEATHER!  I’m wearing shorts today, if you didn’t already guess that. 🙂  And tomorrow is supposed to be near seventy degrees and I am so excited!  Maybe it is spring after all…?

On my agenda for the rest of the week is:

– Lab report for Chem

– Lab presentation for Bio

– Stats midterm

– And lots of gym time!

I am super excited for this weekend because Saturday is supposed to be gorgeous, and I am going with a friend to Yoga on the Mall!  Then we’ll probably go out to eat or out for coffee after. 🙂  Now that’s my kind of Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Only three more days till Friday.


2 thoughts on “Shorts Weather!

  1. Yay, only three more days til Friday! I am loving the weather here! I considered wearing capris today, but wasn’t ready…yet. But I might do it tomorrow. I’m so sick of pants!

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