That Time I Actually Got to Do Things at Physical Therapy

Happy hump day, friends!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far.

I have just made the impromptu decision that today is my rest day for the week, after getting back from my physical therapy appointment and being TIRED.  I can do cardio like nobody’s business, but strength training muscles I haven’t been allowed to use for three months is HARD work!

But it was so worth it.  When my PT told me to put my shoes on and meet her at the weight machines I was like YASSSSSSSSS!  I did squats (they were even weighted.  Say whaaaaaaat?) and calf raises and bands and balancing and it was wonderful.  Little steps will get me to my goal!  I can’t wait to be healthy and ready to run. 🙂

And tomorrow is Thursday and Thursdays are my favorite!  I’m so happy right now and I know that once I get through tomorrow, my week will basically be done.  Another win: because we have a midterm tomorrow, Stats lab for Friday is canceled…and also, there is no recitation quiz for Chem on Friday!  My stress level just went down three notches.

I hope everyone is having a great day and week!  I will have some posts with lots of pictures (gasp!) coming to you in the next few days, especially this weekend.  I’m hitting up Yoga on the Mall on Saturday and then brunching with a friend after, and the weather is supposed to be PERFECT, so I plan to take lots of pictures! 🙂


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