Showers are Overrated

Hey everyone!  How is this lovely Tuesday treating ya?

I started my day off nice and early with a 6:45 spin, weights, and stretching session at the gym.  After that, I was tired and didn’t feel super gross so I decided to live life on the edge and not shower before going to breakfast.  (I showered last night, okay people?  I’m not THAT nasty!)  Yup.  Showers are overrated.  Then during class, a girl complemented me on my hair.  HAHAHA.  I wanted to hug her.

So guess what I did…last week?  (Oh gosh, it has been over a week………)  I painted my toenails!

Strategically chose a super-bright color to distract from my ug-lay ankle. :D

Strategically chose a super-bright color to distract from my ug-lay ankle. 😀

Trying to make my ugly runner’s feet look a little less nasty for my physical therapist.  Haha.  She loves me anyway!

In other news, I just finished preregistering for classes today and my next semester is looking pretty great!  I’m really looking forward to taking a music class to start my minor and for the English class I picked out!  Just for the record, I hate English/writing but this one is on mystery novels, so it was actually a perfect match for this Sherlock Holmes lover!

That’s all for today!  I’m planning to talk running with my physical therapist tomorrow…again.  I know, I’m annoying.  I’m just getting antsy!

Have a great Tuesday evening and Wednesday! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Showers are Overrated

  1. You think your feet look bad? Not in the least! You should see mine…and that ugly black toenail that I can’t seem to get rid of…

  2. I love painting the toes as a distraction technique. I’m convinced it works 100% of the time but I’ve been told this is not the case. As long as they aren’t smelly then I think I’m doing the PT a favour 🙂

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