Almond Butter and “Running-Type Activities”

Happy best day of the week, everyone!  You all already know how I feel about Thursdays so I’m not even going to say it. 🙂

I’m currently in the student center just chillin.  I don’t have class again until eleven so I’m enjoying the quiet!  (And the coffee, of course.)


Banana + coffee = perfect mid-morning snack.

Also, proof that I actually wear real clothes (well, like once a week, but still…):

Is that a...a...a cardigan?  Say whaaaat?

Is that a…a…a cardigan? Say whaaaat?

I GOT MORE ALMOND BUTTER ON TUESDAY.  This is a big deal, folks.  AB will now be replacing PB in every single meal I eat.  Sorry PB, you’ve once again been downgraded to my number two.  Sorry not sorry.

So I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Nike Training Club app and I am always looking for unique strength workouts…so I am giving it a try!  I used one of the “get toned” ab workouts this morning and I really liked it.  We’ll see if the other workouts are just as good!

Yesterday afternoon, I had my usual Wednesday physical therapy appointment.  Some real talk happened between my physical therapist and me, and basically she told me that there is still too much swelling in the joint and not enough ROM to start running yet.  BUT here’s the exciting thing: she said in a couple of weeks, once swelling and ROM improve, I should be able to begin “running-type activities”!  Not actual running, but the stuff that will get me there.  I will TAKE whatever I can get!  I was so excited. 🙂  We are seeing progress!

Well, it’s time for me to stop avoiding this Bio lab report and hop to it!  Have a wonderful Thursday, friends. 🙂


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