Foam, Food, and Free Weights

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂  It’s almost the weekend – and it’s Easter weekend.  Yay!

In my household, the days leading up to Easter are big baking days – we make Easter bread (it’s a sweet bread that is a family tradition on my mom’s side), cheesebread (which is the food of the gods: literally just sweet dough with an egg/cheese/milk mixture baked and melted on top), and cinnamon rolls for Easter morning.  I love my mom because I came home to find four or five bags of different GF flours so that we could make GF versions of everything.  She is the best. 🙂

Do you want to know what else I came home to?  I had been looking on Amazon for a milk frother a while ago and found one that I liked, so I mentioned it to my mom in passing.  Well guess what!  She bought it and it was here when I got home.  Lattes all around!  It really is awesome, and I probably got overexcited about it.  Haha, oh well.

image (5)

Just look at that foam. Just look at it.

Coffee and chai are more fun with a little foam on top!

Also, we should probably talk about this beautiful lunch bowl I had yesterday.

image (6)

Vanilla Greek yogurt with chia seeds, dried cherries, a small banana, and a dollop of PB!  It was so tasty.  Also, the little sis suspiciously watched me add things to my bowl and eat it – I think she was simultaneously kind of grossed out and very intrigued, and I found it very comical.

After lunch yesterday, I got my hair cut!  I got about four or four and a half inches off, which is a big change-up for me – my hair was so long.  The hairdresser always straightens it so it looks a little longer than I think it will be when it is naturally wavy, so we’ll see after I wash it today!  I really needed a change, ya know?

When straightened, it falls right at my collarbone.

When straightened, it falls right at my collarbone.

I love love LOVE this haircut.  And my hairdresser is so good about keeping my layers long so I can put it in a ponytail/bun to work out.  Priorities.

After finishing up with the day’s baking, I made waffles for dinner with a new recipe using oat flour and bananas – they were a big hit with everyone, and they were GF so everybody was happy. 🙂  (I wish I had a picture buuuut they got eaten pretty quickly…I guess that means they were tasty!)

Then it was workout time!  I did thirty minutes of intervals on our elliptical – which is a big deal because my ankle handled the elliptical well, which it had not been able to do previously – then I did a NTC fifteen-minute Better Butt workout, and finished out with ten minutes of cool down back on the elliptical.  I love the NTC app because it gets me using free weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands, things that are a little out of my comfort zone.  I tend to stick to the weight machines except for easy exercises like bicep curls and tricep kickbacks that I know I can do correctly.

That is what I have been up to!  Now a couple questions for you guys:

What is your favorite Easter candy?  Mine is Reese’s eggs, hands down.  That chocolate and PB combo gets me every time.

What workout are you loving lately?

Coffee or tea?

Leave your answers in the comments!  I want to hear from you all. 🙂  Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!


2 thoughts on “Foam, Food, and Free Weights

  1. Cadbury mini eggs. Forever and always. I try to hit the stores the day after Easter to see if I can get them on sale!

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