Easter Shenanigans, Things That Make Me Happy, and Back to the Real World

Ah, holidays are the best.  Especially when we get five days off of class for them. 🙂

How was everyone’s Easter?  I don’t know about you guys, but I have a large stash of Easter candy that will be key to my survival for the next few weeks (ahem, five Reese’s eggs for the WIN).  What better way to get through finals?

We have a week left of classes in the semester and then it is time for finals!  Because we had off today, we have class Tuesday through Friday this week and Monday next week – don’t ask me why we end on a Monday…anyway, I have a Bio lab exam tomorrow and then I’m basically finished for the semester as far as big things go, not including lab reports (because they’re just the usual…science major problems).

For Easter, I went to my dad’s parents’ house on Saturday and my mom’s mom’s house on Sunday.  It was so nice!  I hid Easter eggs for the younger cousins on Saturday and got to hunt for eggs on Sunday – the best of both worlds!  Friday night, we colored eggs, Saturday night we went to Easter Vigil mass (which is my favorite mass of any holiday – fire and candles are involved.  Enough said), and Sunday we did Easter baskets (and home-made cinnamon rolls!) before heading off to my grandma’s house.

Easter eggs make me happy. :)

Easter eggs make me happy. 🙂

Another thing that makes me happy: this breakfast that I tried out while I was home.

Egg in an avocado half.  SO TASTY.

Egg in an avocado half. SO TASTY.

And these:

Rockin' the Boston colors today for Marathon Monday!

Rockin’ the Boston colors today for Marathon Monday!

I actually got these new trainers for Christmas (when I had my cast on) and said I was going to wait until I was cast- and brace-free to wear them.  Well, it’s four months later and I still have my brace on so screw that, I’m going to wear them because they rock!  I just didn’t lace up through the highest set of holes on the left one so hopefully it won’t get stretched out too much by the brace.  Also, they’re super comfy.

Over the break I was doing a combo of cardio on the elliptical and NTC strength workouts!  Some of the strength workouts are pretty intense, and I LOVE that.  I love a good challenge…not that I’m competitive or anything.  Ahem.  I even roped the older sis into doing a back/shoulders workout with me on Saturday.  Yay for sister workout time!  Haha…I’m not sure she enjoyed it very much though…sahrry sis! 😉

Oooh something else I just want to mention real quick: I’m crewing the Nike Women’s Half this coming weekend!  If you can’t run it, crew it. 🙂

Unfortunately my Bio lab manual awaits, so I’m going to get back to studying!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week. 🙂

Do you have an Easter morning tradition?  Does your family still do Easter baskets?

Have you gotten any good runs/workouts in lately?  Tell me all about those runs because I sure am missing them lately!

Anyone running the Nike Women’s Half in DC on Sunday?  Say hi to me at bag check! 🙂


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