Words are Hard.

Sometimes, the words just don’t flow out.  Sometimes, lab papers leave your brain a mushy mess.  And SOMETIMES, blog posts in the form of lists are just more fun. 🙂

1.  I’m kind of tired of school.  JOKES…I am so tired of school.  Haha…I don’t mean the fun parts of college.  I mean the real school part – especially the two weeks coming up…FINALS.  Can the professors fill their hearts with rainbows and butterflies and just give us all A’s?  Pretty please?

2.  Is it just me or is it always windy in DC?  Because it sure was windy on campus today.  Wind-tunnel hair is SO back in style.

3.  Watching Boston made me want to run a marathon.  Not now, and not within the next few years.  But sometime before I turn thirty, it will happen.

4.  Lab papers > Theology papers.  This is a rule.  No matter how bad the lab papers are, I think back to last week’s Theology paper and the lab papers start to look like a walk in the park.

5.  I am really happy.  It’s not even just a feeling for me anymore…it is more like a state of mind that I am constantly in.  A positive outlook changes everything, and everything is looking great right now.

6.  I AM SO BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND.  My friend M (you all know M) is coming up on Saturday and we’re both getting up at the buttcrack of dawn on Sunday to volunteer at the Nike Women’s Half!  Yassssss it is going to be great.  Girl time + volunteering + cheering on 15,000 runners = pure awesome.  Since I can’t run the race, why not crew it?  Check in on Monday for all the details!

7.  Brian Williams was really funny on the Tonight Show on Monday.  I actually just watched the episode yesterday evening and it had me laughing out loud.  Fallon never disappoints!  The two of them together was priceless and just the little pick-me-up I needed before diving back into my Bio lab paper.

8.  I have a sit-toe-ation (see what I did there?).  My big toe joint on my left foot is really angry and causing me some discomfort.  Um, hey, that’s really not cool.  Hopefully it will be better by my next PT appointment!  At least I had something to blame my bad balancing skills on at yesterdays appointment. 😉

Yepp, that’s what is currently going through my mind!  This post was chock-full of randomness and I kinda like it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday. 🙂

What is on your list today?

Anyone running the Nike Women’s Half on Sunday?

Favorite Boston moment?  Mine was definitely watching Meb’s finish!  How cool was that?!


2 thoughts on “Words are Hard.

  1. I am always tired of school until I am no longer at it. It’s a conundrum if ever there was one. And there was. Stay strong good sir or madam, it works out just fine.

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