Nike Women’s Half Volunteering, I Hate Finals, and the Sit-TOE-ation Continues

Hey there internet world!  Hope everyone had a great (read: not completely awful) Monday.  Because, you know, it is Monday…

BUT guess what day it is for me!  Last [official] day of classes for the semester!  …Except I actually have Chem lecture tomorrow because we used up so many snow days this winter and my Chem professor, for some strange reason, actually wanted to teach a class on what is supposed to be a study day.  There go my plans to sleep in. 😛

I am already dreading finals, and I’m not even technically done with classes yet.  It’s just something about the whole constant-stress finals environment that I can’t stand.  But I mean, does anyone like finals?

In other news, yesterday was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon!  If you are just now stopping by, no, I did not run the race.  But I did volunteer, and it was a blast!  The only (I repeat, ONLY, because everything else was AWESOME) bad part about the day was that our tent was in the shade for the whole time and the wind was really chilly.  For some reason, all of us managed to completely overestimate what the temperature was going to be yesterday and I think we had all turned into popsicles by the time we finished up around noon.

Even though it was freezing, we had a great time!  The music was ON POINT and the announcers were awesome.  All of the runners that came to get their bags from us after the race said that the race was extremely well organized and full of energy, and that the course was spectacular and the weather was perfect.  I loved seeing the variety of ages and experience levels of the runners that participated.  I will DEFINITELY be running this race next year.  My goal for the next year is running a half, so this fits perfectly into my plans!  After participating in the race as a volunteer, I am certain that I want to run it.  I’m also trying to convince my sister to run it with me (yeah, K, I’m talking to you!  Pretty please?). 🙂

Speaking of running, I’m really hoping to be able to start back into running sometime within the next two weeks!  I go home May 10th, so I only have two more PT appointments left…so I’m hoping that translates into the beginning of my transition back into the run-osphere! 🙂  The only problem is that my big toe is STILL giving me issues, and I really don’t know what to do about it.  The pain/stiffness has been getting progressively worse over the past week and a half, and I really do not want this to interfere with my recovery right when I am about to [hopefully] start running again.  Of course this is happening now…all that I can do in the meantime is be proactive and keep stretching, rolling, and being careful like I have been.  I refuse to think negative thoughts!  I am trying to use some positive mojo to my advantage right now. 🙂

That’s all from me today…have a great week!

What did you do this weekend?

How do you deal with stressful times (like finals week)?  For me, one thing always does the trick: exercise, exercise, and more exercise.  Hitting the gym works wonders on my stress levels!


4 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Half Volunteering, I Hate Finals, and the Sit-TOE-ation Continues

  1. Haha I was just talking to our intern today about how when I get really stressed out I eat a lot of Swedish fish, because she told me she’s been eating a lot because she’s stressed out from finals. That is one part of college that I do not miss!

    • Swedish fish = the cure for everything. My friend and I are getting cupcakes today because finals are going to be crazy, so what better way to get rid of stress? 🙂

  2. It’s one of my goals to volunteer at a race this year. I feel like I owe it after all of the races I’ve run. Glad to hear that it was a fun experience!

    • It was great! I highly recommend it. However, I would have preferred being at a water station than at bag drop because you get to cheer a lot more, but our tent was right by the finish line so it worked out! 🙂

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