Official Brace Boycott, One Final Down, and Weird Sunburns

Hey hey hey and happy Saturday to everyone!  It is a lovely – and by lovely I mean FAN-FREAKING-TASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL – day in our nation’s capital. 🙂  Honestly, the weather could not be any more perfect than it is right now!

Guess who I got to spend the middle of my day with yesterday?  None other than my favorite lady, my mom!  Day = made.  We had frozen yogurt and enjoyed the perfect weather on the waterfront and then grabbed coffee.  So basically a perfect afternoon. 🙂

The only thing that wasn’t perfect about it was the fact that I managed to get sunburned!  My glowing white essence just attracts the sun like a magnet, I know, it’s a talent.  Don’t be jealous.  The random parts that got burned:

1. The left side (yes, only the left) of the back of my neck.

2. My left shin.  Oh and I was wearing socks that came over my ankles so can you say HEYOOO weird sock tan in my near future.  Awesomesauce.

3. My hairline.  This just adds to my fear that my hairline is going to start receding (Have I never mentioned that?  I sense a future blog post topic…) because it’s always the area between where my makeup ends and my headband starts that I get burnt.  Yep, I’ll be bald by my twentieth birthday.

That's what I get for wearing my hair in a ponytail and not thinking about sunscreen.  I swear it looks worse than it feels.

Check out that sexy neck burn! That’s what I get for wearing my hair in a ponytail and not thinking about sunscreen. I swear it looks worse than it feels.

In other news, I had my Spanish final this morning and I think that I crushed it!  It was a lot easier than I expected and I actually was able to answer all the video comprehension questions even though the documentary narrator person was speaking 254785541863554 words per minute.  What a relief!  That made everything else on the exam look easy. 🙂

After the exam, I hit up the dining hall for brunch with my dear friend L and the food SUCKED.  It is not very often that I get angry about breakfast food, but they didn’t even have any potatoes.  No diced potatoes.  No hash browns.  I would have even taken tater tots but NOPE…nothing.  I just…I…WHAT KIND OF CRUEL WORLD IS THIS?  And the only “fresh” cut fruit they had out was peaches that I am pretty certain came out of a can.  Not fresh.  Needless to say, we did not stick around for very long.

However, we did set a date for later – L, my other friend (and future roomie!!!!) J, and I are hitting up the gym at 4:30 then going to dinner together.  Sweat sesh + food + friends = best way to spend a Saturday evening. 🙂

Until then, I’m trying to parse through the research I’ve gathered for my Theology paper that is due Wednesday.  Not gonna lie, I’m just so done with this class.  The oral presentation was stressful and then the 2000-word research paper being due exactly a week later is a bit much.  Good thing I have my coffee and some dark-chocolate-covered almonds to cope. 🙂



The almond-to-chocolate ratio is perfect in those almonds: lots of almond, perfect thin chocolate shell, a little bit of salt.  Heaven.  (Thanks, Mom!)

Last thing: my physical therapist officially said yesterday that I can ditch the ankle brace!  I had already been kind of using it only some of the time but she affirmed my thoughts: I am at the point where I don’t need it any more.  Initiate official brace boycott.  Getting stronger…and next week is my last visit (sad!!) and we’re going to talk about RUNNING.

Time to get some work done before workout time!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Chocolate-covered almonds: yay or nay?  YES YES YES but only if it’s dark chocolate.

What kind of workout are you doing/did you do today?  I’m thinking either spinning + rower or elliptical + rower.

What are you up to this weekend??


4 thoughts on “Official Brace Boycott, One Final Down, and Weird Sunburns

  1. OMG yes chocolate covered almonds!

  2. Today I celebrated my sister’s upcoming wedding at her bridal shower! Still fighting allergies/a cold (not sure anymore), and bummed I couldn’t go running because of it. My asthma is KILLING me! Boo. But other than that, life is good, haha.

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