When Life Gives You Ripe Bananas…

…bake muffins!  Does anyone else get excited when they see a super ripe banana sitting on their counter?  For me, ripe bananas automatically mean 1) banana bread or 2) muffins.

Before I got into baking mode, I made PANCAKES.  (I know, I’m really going to town on the cooking.  Since I can’t run, I have lots of free time to fill, okay?)  I wanted a recipe that used oat flour and I sure did happen upon a good one.  GF flours often give pancakes a weird texture or make them super dense so I was hoping that oat flour would work better…and it sure did!  Just look at these beautiful pancakes. 🙂

photo 4 (5)

I topped mine with jam and had raspberries on the side…

photo 3 (5)

…and my mom made the cutest little ricotta cheese and raspberry shortcakes with hers!

photo 2 (8)

No funky flavor, no funky texture.  Win-win.  Looks like I found a new go-to GF pancake recipe! 🙂

After breakfast, it was time to get a workout in.  Today, it was upper body on the Total Gym + 30 minutes elliptical + NTC legs.  I’m sure I’ll be feeling the DOMS in a couple days from that one!  And of course, I did my PT exercises, which kick my butt every time.  Why is getting back to running so difficult?!  So close yet so far…

Then, finally, it was muffin time!  I have made these almond butter chocolate chip muffins before and liked them a lot so why mess with a good thing?  Again, they turned out moist and chocolate-y and delicious. 🙂

The seventh muffin mysteriously disappeared soon after I took this picture...

The seventh muffin mysteriously disappeared soon after I took this picture…

Sadly, it was time to get back to reality after my morning spent in baking-land…all of my college shtuff cluttered in my bedroom was calling to me to be cleaned up.  Not fun, but I got it done and I can finally see my floor again!  No longer is getting from my door to my bed an acrobatic affair. 😀

Hope everyone had a great BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! 🙂

What do you do with overripe bananas?  Bananaaaaa bread!


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