They Were Just Made For Each Other

I’m baaaaack! 🙂

What a crazy few days.  On Monday, I picked one of my friends up from school (she’s taking summer classes) and she spent Memorial Day with us, then she stayed overnight and I took her back to DC on Tuesday morning.  We had so much fun!  We hung out in Frederick after I picked her up, then came home and had burgers and cookout food with my family for dinner.  Later, we watched a movie and just hung out and talked for a long time.  I already miss my friends from school, and it hasn’t even been a month since school ended!

Tuesday night, my mom and I stayed over at my grandma’s house so that we could take her to the hospital for her cataract surgery yesterday morning.  She is SO funny and such a trooper – the surgery was easy and went smoothly!  (My favorite part was when her surgeon came and talked to her when she was in recovery because when he left, she told him, “Bye, love ya!”  Oh anesthesia, you are hilarious.)  My uncle stayed with her last night and said that she is doing great today as well.

But have no fear!  The food fun still continued during my internet absence.  My elliptical and I are BESTEST friends as I’m trying desperately to be ready to run once I get cleared.  And, over the last few days, I have discovered a few combinations that I am just absolutely LOVING.  These things were just made for each other:

1. Elliptical + Grey’s Anatomy

I admit, I am a Grey’s addict.  And lately, an elliptical addict (by default).  So why not put them together?  McDreamy makes the elliptical a little less boring. 🙂

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9)

2. Pear + Almond Butter

Apparently I’m already weird because I like my pears straight out of the fridge (most people like to eat them room temperature I guess…?), so I have no inhibitions when it comes to trying strange food combinations.  But seriously, try it right now.  SO TASTY.

photo 4 (6)

3. Ice Pack + ACE Bandage

Maybe I’m just waaaay behind the learning curve on this one, but…uh…the ACE bandage is so helpful for keeping my ice pack from falling off.  I’m not going to comment any more on this topic in fear of embarrassing myself further.

photo 3 (6)

4. TV Time + Maggie

Because how could I resist snuggle time when I see this face?

photo 1 (10)

I seriously just can’t.

5. Coffee + Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps are perfect for dunking!  Bonus: these ones are gluten free.  One of the many reasons that Trader Joe’s wins at life.

photo 5 (4)

photo 2 (10)

6. Sweet Potatoes + MAH BELLY

Because sweet potatoes.  Enough said.

Cubed and ready to be roasted!  (From tonight's dinner.)

Cubed and ready to be roasted! (From tonight’s dinner.)

Oh, and HAPPY BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!  Did you think I would forget? 🙂

How do you eat your pears: cold or room temp?

Any Grey’s fans?  I wonder how long the show’s going to last now that Christina is gone.  She was my favorite. 😦

What combination(s) are you loving right now?


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