I Need a Life.

My life these days has looked a lot like this…

photo 4 (7)


…and this…

Elevating like a CHAMP.

Elevating like a CHAMP.

…oh, and this.

photo 1 (12)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying all the R&R I’m getting right now, but I’m getting BORED.  I’m frustrated because I’m having trouble finding a job for the summer and I need to be busy to stay sane!

Luckily, boredom has pushed me back into my reading habit.  Between yesterday and today, I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and it was FANTASTIC.  I highly recommend it!  (But it is not what I would call a “feel-good” novel, just letting you know.)

I also fiiiinally took the time today to plan out my workout schedule for the next week!

photo (9)

Because I work out in the morning, I am usually still in a cloud of brain fog for the majority of my workout…so I usually end up spending longer than necessary trying to remember everything I had planned for that day (I know, I know, I should probably start writing things down…).  But not any more!  Trust me, if you could see what I am like in the morning, you would realize what a lifesaver this is going to be for me. 😀

In other news, I have something else scheduled for tonight/tomorrow: more baking! 🙂  On the agenda: BANANA BREAD.  <— favorite thing ever.  I’m making it from a muffin recipe (that I’ll be altering) so I’m excited to see how it goes!


Did you run today?  Tell me all about it!  Wishing I could have run today.

What is your favorite boredom-buster?


4 thoughts on “I Need a Life.

  1. Am going to run a MILE right now! Today is cross-training day for me (although my blog post says otherwise, lol…I need to write out a schedule so as not to confuse myself!), so I’m doing core stuff, but I HAVE to run on national running day! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! I am reading gone girl now, I’ll have to check out Dark Places. As for the running… I’ve lost my motivation! I desperately need to find it again, making too many excuses.

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