Caution: Randomness Ahead

Confession… I haven’t blogged for a long time.  And it isn’t because I haven’t had time…I just haven’t felt like it.  (I am a big believer in not just writing fluff on here if I don’t have anything real to say.)  So that is that.

Confession… I had oats + banana + almond butter for lunch today because that’s what I wanted.  There’s nothing that a bowl of oats can’t fix!

photo (10)

Confession… This summer weather really makes me want to run.  On days like today, it just becomes evident…the elliptical is just not anywhere near as satisfying as a solid run.

Confession… Today was leg day and I feel like someone stole my legs and replaced them with jell-o.  I feel the burn!

Confession… I’m going to Cafe Rio for dinner and I plan to EAT ALL THE THINGS.

Confession… I have read two and a half books in less than a week and I’m still going strong.  Yay for summer reading!

Confession… I have made a resolution to blog every day (except weekends)!  It helps me reflect on my day and find the positive in even the worst days. 🙂

Confession… I kind of want to go back to school.  I have realized how few friends I have at home…womp.  Just saying.

Confession… I had a lot of coffee this morning.  And it had quite the impact.  And I kind of want more…

Confession… I love you guys!  I want to say thank you to all of my readers, whether you’ve been reading from the very beginning or just pop by from time to time.  THANK YOU. 🙂


Tell me your confessions from today!


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