Oh hey everyone.  Happy Tuesday!  Today is a super happy day for me because, first of all, tomorrow is my birthday (!!!!) and second of all (and most importantly), I RAN YESTERDAY!!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  My first post-op run is in the books, and it felt FANTASTIC.  No ankle pain, minimal soreness today (and actually just in my hips/upper quad area), and no problems to report!  I decided not to take my phone with me during my run and ran without music so that I could really listen and pay attention to my body.  The running program that my PT has me on is a walk/run interval progression program so it was not all running, but it was running nonetheless!

Sweaty, frizzy, tired, HAPPY post-run selfie.

Sweaty, frizzy, tired, HAPPY post-run selfie.

The beautiful park where I run.  It was very overcast yesterday morning (but I'm not complaining) so it doesn't look as pretty as usual...but still nice!

The beautiful park where I run. It was very overcast yesterday morning (but I’m not complaining) so it doesn’t look as pretty as usual…but still nice!

During my run, I noticed several things:

1. My ankle felt really strong.  I am so glad that I took my time getting to this point and followed my PT’s directions carefully, doing my exercises frequently and with the correct form, because my ankle felt awesome.  And today, I don’t have ANY soreness whatsoever in my ankle or calf!

2. I am in excellent cardiovascular shape.  Thaaaaank youuuu, cross-training.  As much as I hate to admit it, the elliptical/spin bike were helpful.  Bah.

3. Increasing my strength training during recovery was the greatest idea ever.  Remember how I said that I have minimal soreness today?  Yeah, I attribute that to lifting and strength training.  I felt stronger than I ever (EVER) have while running, even stronger than soccer season during high school.  I was never really coached on the importance of strength training until the past few years, and I did not know what I was missing.  Stronger legs and body = better running form = less fatigue = stronger, faster running.

4. Nothing feels better than the first run after time off for injury.  I almost cried in the car after my run, it felt that good (and I am not a crier).

My next scheduled run is tomorrow morning.  Can you say BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER?!  Oh and perks of being a Starbucks addict (a.k.a. Gold card member): free drink on my birthday.  Birthday + morning run + post-run Starbucks trip = PERFECTION.  I’m beyond excited!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! 🙂

When was your last run?  Yesterday.  (I’m so excited to be able to say that!)

Favorite drink at Starbucks?  Peppermint mocha in the winter and vanilla latte basically the rest of the year.


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