The Bad Runs Make the Good Runs a Thousand Times Better.

Tuesday’s run sucked.  Seriously.  I was so mad about it (ask everyone…I raged).

You see, I was dog- and house-sitting for some family friends from Monday until yesterday, and they live in a gorgeous (albeit a little bit hilly) development that I was looking forward to running in.  However, I didn’t realize that I was going to have job training (it was a seriously last minute thing) Tuesday and Wednesday morning from eight to noon.  Forty-five minutes away from where I was staying.  I was going to need to get out of the house by seven to allow for possible traffic.

Enter: the awful, no-good run from you-know-where.  

I had to hit the pavement at five in order to be able to get in my run, have breakfast (luckily I was smart enough to make my oatmeal the night before and just have to stick it in the microwave), walk and feed the pooches, shower, grab a cup of coffee, and throw a granola bar in my bag for the car ride home after shift (because I knew I would be stahhhving) by seven.

I drove around the development Monday evening so that I could get my bearings before running on Tuesday, since I knew it would be dark at five a.m.  That was a smart idea, but I couldn’t take into account the lack of functioning streetlights on certain streets I had planned to run because that’s not something I could see during daylight hours.  Thus, I ended up running the same several streets the whole time to avoid the dark streets and, because I also didn’t want to run with my iPod so that I could be aware of my surroundings, I was struggling.  Hard.  I ended up deciding to run hill repeats for the last 15 minutes on the SUPERhill on one of the streets (sprint up – about 0.35 miles – and jog back down).  It all sucked.  The whole thing.  There was a lot of stopping and turning around when I hit a really dark area, impromptu direction changes, and confusion.  And HILLS.  At least I kind of turned it into a valuable training opportunity with the hill repeats…?  😛

This is what that crappy run looked like:

photo 1 (19)

I was running more than a minute slower per mile than my usual pace.  And on top of that, I couldn’t find a good cadence/stride, felt out of breath, and got soaked from the pre-rain humidity.  Some runs just suck!

And that’s okay.  

Because for every sucky run, there are a billion good ones.  Those are the runs that I love – but the awful runs are important too: they make the good runs feel 5364789212521024501 times better, happier, and more fulfilling.

Like today’s run, during which I felt like I was just kicking some serious butt.

photo 2 (20)

(I am still a good little patient and doing my PT-mandated walking time, which fell during mile 2.  So basically, my actual RUNNING pace was more like 8:35ish per mile.  Yay!)

(I am still a good little patient and do my PT-mandated walking time, which happened during mile 2. So basically, my actual RUNNING pace was more like 8:35ish per mile. Yay!)

I felt like a rock star this morning, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt that good about it – because it was pretty much a typical run for me – if Tuesday’s run hadn’t sucked so much.

So thank you, awful, horrible, terrible, SUCKY runs…for making every single other run feel amazing.  

THIS is why I run.


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