Back to School and New Running Routes

Hey hey hey friends!  How’s life?

After the whirlwind craziness of the last few days – moving back in at school, buying books, catching up with friends, getting to know my new roomie – I finally feel like I’ve settled in and am ready for classes to start.  Is it lame that I’m excited to have schoolwork to do again?  I just like being busy and feeling productive!  Nerd life. 😀

As far as dorm rooms go, I have a pretty sweet one!  In terms of usable space, I would say that my room is about twice as large as my room was last year.  What a nice surprise!

My room (before I unpacked all of my stuff).  And yes, my bed is as high as it looks!

My room (before I unpacked all of my stuff). And yes, my bed is as high as it looks!

My new roommate is a runner too, which is AWESOME.  We just understand each other!  And we get along really well.  I get the feeling it is going to be a fantastic year! 🙂

Speaking of running, I hit the towpath this morning for an easy 3.6 miles.  It was so nice and quiet along the canal; the only thing that I’m not used to is all of the bikers.  But, as usual, I kept my iPod volume really low and kept to the right and didn’t have any problems! 🙂  There was definitely a lot less traffic on the gravel path, but I was concerned about running three to four miles on an unstable surface like that.  Gotta make the best decisions to keep my ankle happy and healthy!

photo 3 (17)

My view for, well, pretty much my whole run.

Typical blurry running shot.  I promise the Potomac looked a lot prettier than this makes it seem.  You'll just have to trust me on this one. :)

Typical blurry running shot. I promise the Potomac looked a lot prettier than this makes it seem. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. 🙂

I felt like I was in a movie before my run because I had to venture through this creepy, dim, wet, graffiti-ed tunnel to get over to the towpath.

photo 2 (22)

So that’s this morning’s run for ya!  I’m looking forward to mixing up my running routes and running through the city as well, since I can actually run this school year!  I’m also loving having access to a gym again because it makes cross-training and lifting so much easier.  (Plus, I forgot my free weights, kettlebells, and foam roller at home…oops.)

Classes start tomorrow, so today is going to be mainly hunting down classrooms, picking up textbooks, and squeezing in last-minute time with friends before schoolwork ramps up.  Should be a busy (but fun!) day. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Where did you run today?

For all the students/teachers/parents: back-to-school time – love it or hate it?


The Return of Winter and a Note About The Liebster

Hey amigos!

First things first: I will be putting up my Liebster Award post sometime within the next few days.  I know, I know, I lied…I said it would be today.  I seriously just wrote the WHOLE post except for my nominees because I am still doing recon to fill up my list of bloggers to nominate!  Have no fear – I have not forgotten! 🙂

I walked outside this morning, and let me just say – I am really glad that I decided to spontaneously put on a real coat even though I haven’t needed it for the past several days.  Because it was CHILLAY out there this morning.  Actually, it was cold all day.  And windy.  Welcome back, winter…or not so much.  I was enjoying the premature spring weather!

Even though it is Monday, I had a pretty good day because my Spanish class was spontaneously canceled so I only had one class!  WIN.

I decided to let my happiness carry over into my choice of gym clothes today…I basically just put on all of the bright colors I could find in my closet.  For the record, I stopped caring what people at the gym think of me a loooong time ago so I have no remorse about this outfit:


I made the orange and green work, okay?

Yeah, I’m pretty stylish.

After the gym, it was a pretty quiet day!  I got a lot of homework done so I won’t have anything to do the next few nights (yay!) and I worked on some applications for necessary items and crossed things off my to-do list.  I love the days when I am just tearing through things I need to do.  Yaaaay for being productive!

That’s all from me today.  Hope everyone had a lovely Monday! 🙂