Weekly Recap and Happy Saturday!

Hi there, friendly faces!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. 🙂

Phew!  Sure has been a busy week around here…getting back into the swing of things at school, increasing my running mileage, and kicking off the club running season (!!!!).  Not to mention lots of fun along the way!

Yesterday evening, we had the inaugural run for the club running season – and it was awesome!  Well, everything except for the heat…we ran at 6 p.m. and it was miserable.  By the time we finished, I looked like this:

Aaaand that is why I like to run in the mornings! 😀

After we got back to campus, I drank ALL the water from the water fountain and then headed over to one of the restaurants on campus to grab a really late dinner.  See, the issue with a 6 p.m. run time is that since I don’t like to eat a meal before I run (and I’m glad I didn’t with that heat yesterday!), by the time I sat down to eat it was already after 8.  But I got a delicious spinach + kale + romaine salad with beets, cucumbers, chickpeas, and grilled chicken. 🙂  I was super excited to see sliced beets on the salad bar – I almost never see them in the dining hall…and they definitely are never that tasty!

Today is my off day and I am heading to the gym in a little bit with a friend to do some easy cardio, just to stretch out my legs, and then we are grabbing breakfast after.  After that, it will be time to start digging myself out of the homework hole and trying to get ahead on readings and classwork for the week!  Wish me luck. 😛

At least I have fun plans for later tonight – MOVIE NIGHT!  My roommate, our next-door neighbor, L, and I are planning to watch this gem:

Classic.  Apparently my roomie AND our next-door neighbor haven't seen it, so obviously it was a must!

Classic. Apparently my roomie AND our next-door neighbor haven’t seen it, so obviously it was a must!

I’m sure there will be lots of laughs (and probably popcorn too!). 🙂

Lastly, to fill you guys in on my running since I didn’t post very much this week, here is a little recap:

Sunday: 4.01 miles (9:02 pace)

…this run was a struggle.  It was hot and I felt really sluggish and slow.

Monday: Cross-training (elliptical + core work + arms)

Tuesday: 5.04 miles (9:08 pace)

…longest run since surgery!!  Woooo!

Wednesday: Cross-training (spin + core work + legs)

Thursday: 4.05 miles (8:59 pace)

…something was weird with my first mile or my watch or maybe it was the fact that I had to stop for bikers on the sidewalk two separate times, because my mile splits were 10:04, 8:35, 8:42, 8:38.  Whatever.  All I know is that this run felt really good!

Friday: 4.46 miles – running club run (8:55 pace)

…my mile splits were kind of all over the board, but that’s what happens when you run with a group and have to stop for stoplights in the city! 😀

Saturday (today): Rest day (super easy spinning)

So that is that!  It was a pretty great week of runs and cross-training and I am really happy with how my ankle feels!  For this coming week, I am only ramping up my mileage a little bit to be extra careful, so I have a week of 4.5, 5.5, 4.5, and 4 miles planned.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


What is your favorite cross-training activity?

Do you work out on your rest days from running?  Only sometimes…and at a ridiculously light intensity to just loosen my muscles up.


Movies, Burgers, and Bag Drop

Happy Saturday, amigos!  How has everyone’s weekend been so far?

I’ve been pretty busy doing lots of [fun and not-so-fun] things but right now I’m just doing this:

Me, my coffee, and Blue Bloods.  Perfection.

Me, my coffee, and Blue Bloods. Perfection.

And it is WONDERFUL.

Today, I got things done, with a capital D-O-N-E.  Take that, Chem homework!  I’m gearing up for next week, which is looking ugly.  Not excited about that.  I have an oral presentation for Theology on Wednesday that I am absolutely dreading.  Wish me luck, because I will need it!

On to the fun stuff! 🙂  Last night, I went to see The Other Woman with three of my friends.  Great movie – I recommend it!  We were belly-laughing for a good portion of the movie.  Oh, and we totally missed our chance for TV fame – there was a reporter with a camera outside of the theater entrance who wanted to interview us for something-something channel (I had never heard of it)…buuuut it was five minutes before the movie was supposed to start so, like the classy people we are, we froze and stammered something about our time situation and a quick apology then ran into the theater.  No TV fame for us.  And then we got inside and giggled like first graders about our social awkwardness.  Ah, college life.

After the movie, we headed over to Good Stuff Eatery for some burgers, fries, and milkshakes!  I had the turkey burger and had to get some fries because it had been so long since I had had french fries – it was SO worth it.  I didn’t get a milkshake (I wanted one but I can’t eat that much food at once!) but my friend had a cookies and cream one and it looked fantastic!  Definitely will have to go back for one of those. 🙂

Lastly, tomorrow is the Nike Women’s Half!  No, I’m not running it, for those of you who don’t already know.  I wish!  But I am crewing, which is also a TON of fun. 🙂  We’re working at the bag drop tent so I’m hoping we will get to be near the finish line during the race.  I am so excited!  Races just have such a great atmosphere for everyone.  I’ll take lots of pictures, so stay tuned!  The only bad thing: M and I will be heading out at 4:30ish tomorrow morning to make sure we catch the 5:00 train to get to our volunteer site by 5:30.  SO worth it though, and it will be an adventure. 🙂

Time for me to get M, who is staying here tonight!  Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the weekend. 🙂

Waterfront Double Whammy

Hey everyone!  How’s the weekend going so far?

Mine has been pretty busy.  I went to a late dinner last night with a friend and ended up taking an impromptu trip down to the waterfront and then to the Lincoln Memorial just for funsies.  It was drizzling off and on for most of the time, but it was fun nonetheless!  The only thing I did not particularly like was the large number of runners we saw (I mean I love seeing runners, but it also kinda sucks right now…).  The running envy was real.

Even though it was rainy, the lights were still pretty!

Even though it was rainy, the lights were still pretty!

(from my instagram)

(from my instagram)

And then today (because I just can’t stay away) I ended up back at the waterfront!  The weather was perfect and beautiful and just begging me to go out.  I didn’t know there was a regatta today, so I was surprised by how many people there were when we got down there…but that was really cool to see!

Also, I went with a friend to see the new Captain America movie today, and it was great.  The one thing that was really strange for us was that the movie was nearly completely set in DC and the opening shot pans across the waterfront, right where we were today and had been last night [cue Twilight Zone theme].  After the movie, we grabbed frozen yogurt at Pinkberry and sat at a table off of M Street to eat and people watch.  All in all, a really great day!

Lastly, my roommate-to-be and I had our housing selection today, and we ended up getting a room in the dorm we had been hoping for but not expecting to get…we are SO excited!  It’s basically prime real estate on campus and it is going to be wonderful.  Considering that there were only ten rooms in that dorm available for our selection and our selection number was 110, we were BEYOND thrilled.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂