Back in the Swing of Things

Ah, school.  Some things change and some…don’t.  One of the joys (ha!) of being a science major is that the work for every class looks something like this:

photo 1 (22)

You can’t tell me that Organic Chemistry textbook doesn’t look appealing!  You know it is.  I will gladly share! ;D

In other news, I am [still] loving the dorm that I am in, as well as my room, so that is a major plus!  And my roomie is wonderful, which makes me so happy.  Anyone who has had a bad roommate match-up before knows how much stress it adds to an already stressful academic year, so I am glad that I don’t have to worry about that! 🙂

In ankle-/running-related news, I am now *officially* done my PT-prescribed back-to-running program and ready to increase my mileage.  Still taking baby steps here, but I’m planning to focus more on speed and increasing my base so that I can begin to train for longer races.  I have big things planned for this year!

Step one was an interval run yesterday [5 mins easy warm-up + (3 mins ~7:55/mi pace + 7 mins ~8:45/mi pace)x2 + 5 mins easy cool down] and a tempo run today (warm-up + 3.6 miles at 8:30 pace + cool down).

Blurry trail shot - it was such nice weather this morning!

Blurry trail shot – it was such nice weather this morning!

I am keeping my training runs fairly easy right now but once I build up my base mileage, I plan to work on getting my race pace down considerably.  It is definitely challenging to maintain the delicate balance between keeping my ankle strong and healthy and rebuilding my running.  Always a work in progress!

I hope everyone has had a great week and I will leave you with this lovely quote, courtesy of my Yogi teabag. 🙂

photo 2 (23)



Who is training for a race right now?  What is your favorite type of training run?  I like interval runs and hill repeats (even though they suck!).

Weekend plans?



Things I’m Looking Forward to After I Get My Cast Off

Tomorrow is a special day!  I get my cast off…WOOP WOOP.  I am pretty sure that I will be graduating to an Aircast brace as long as everything looks okay.  So excited!

In case you have just started reading or don’t remember, I had my left ankle reconstructed on December 20, 2013.  This is my best friend of six weeks now:


And yes, it does say “I wish I were a running shoe!” (courtesy of one of my floormates).  So true though!  Also, my leg looks super fat in this picture…more proof of my fantastic camera skills!  I promise you, my leg is really not the size of a redwood tree.

After six weeks, I am looking forward to doing so many things after I get my cast off tomorrow!  I can’t even handle my excitement.  Seriously.  Here are a few things I can’t wait to do sans cast, in no particular order:

1. Shave dat leg.  No joke.  Two months of hair growth is not pretty.  I cannot WAIT to get rid of that!

2. Wear a left shoe.  All of my left shoes are sad and lonely in a bin under my bed in my room, unloved and underused.  I also have a sick new pair of trainers still in the box (didn’t want to only wear out the right one…) and two new pairs of boots.  Sad.  On a similar note…

3. Wear jeans.  I don’t even like jeans.  I could live my life in running tights and sweatpants, but unfortunately that’s not really socially acceptable.  Sad.  But at this point, I’m tired of wearing the same five pairs of pants each week because they’re the only ones that fit over my cast.

4. Walk less like a duck and more like a normal human being.  As I explained to my mother today, walking with a cast is a struggle because I hate walking slow, but the faster I walk the more duck-like I look.  Keeping it casual, duck-style.  Not that I don’t like drawing strange glances from EVERY SINGLE PERSON I encounter in public, but I think walking normally may be a better look for me.

5. Fun things with friends.  All of my friends go out shopping and to grab coffee off-campus on the weekends and invite me to go…but that’s too far to walk in a cast!  Sometimes all a girl wants is a giant cupcake and a steaming latte on a Saturday afternoon.

6. CARDIO!!!  My obnoxious first question for the surgeon tomorrow will be about when and how I can get back into some cardio action.  This kid is tired of walking past all the people on the spin bikes and treadmills at the gym to get to the mats.  I mean, I love weight training, but two months without cardio is a sad, sad thing for this runner and ex-soccer player.

7. Take the stairs.  I know this sounds like a pretty small thing, but my campus has a loooot of stairs.  Stairs everywhere.  You think DC is flat?  WRONG.  And taking the elevators to avoid said stairs is such a pain…and adds an extra five minutes to my walk to classes.  Noooo thank you, I shall use those extra five minutes for something way more important: sleeping.

Those are the big ones…but I’m sure I will find dozens more things to appreciate once I am rid of my little hunk of fiberglass!  And I can’t wait to actually talk about some real (read: cardio) workouts on here.

I hope everyone had a stellar weekend, and have a wonderful start to the week! 🙂