When Life Gets Crazy.

This past week and a half has been a whirlwind of stress, craziness, and emotions.

While I enjoyed my spring break at home with my family, during which I did things like…

…find oddly shaped sweet potatoes…


…eat colorful veggies…


…and team up with my mom to WIN at the breakfast game…


…I also had this big heavy cloud of anxiety hanging over me because of all of the assignments and midterms I knew were coming in the week and a half right after returning from break.  A history paper due last Tuesday, a Neuro midterm on Wednesday, a Psych midterm on Thursday, and an Orgo lab report due Friday…then an Orgo exam on Monday night…it was like a nightmare.

Usually, I manage my stress fairly well – not well, but good enough – but that is because I rely heavily on running to be my stress relief tool.  However, because I am currently not running, I discovered just how stressed I am capable of getting…and it was pretty ugly.  One of the many things I’m working to improve! 😀

Although being stressed sucks, it is forcing me to find ways other than running to get some of that negative energy out, which is a good thing.  Taking walks through the city while listening to music, yoga (sun salutations are my jam!), and writing seem to be helping.  I also have been making a conscious effort to hang out more with my friends and really open up to them this semester, because I tend to pull away when I’m feeling stressed or upset.  And I’m loving it!  I’ve made some good memories this semester, strengthened some existing friendships, and made new friends – which, let me tell you, is way harder as an adult than it is when you’re a kid!  Haha.

Life gets crazy.  It’s inevitable, and we can’t keep our cool all the time…and that’s okay.  It all works out in the end! 🙂


What are some of your favorite ways to relieve stress?


Some Time to Myself

Oh hey.

Don’t worry, I’m back from my trip to hot mess land and will return to blogging on the daily.  Sorry about that!

How was everyone’s week and weekend?  Mine was suuuuper busy.  I mean really busy.  I had plans with friends almost every day and family stuff going on, and I didn’t want to just do drive-by posts at eleven p.m. every night sooooo I kind of went MIA.  Oops.

Also, I think that the bigger thing for me was that I wanted this to be a true break from the typical school-week schedule, and that also meant sacrificing a few days of blogging to get the most out of this week.  But I definitely missed the writing!

I finally got a little bit of time to myself this past week, and it was wonderful.  At school, living with a roommate, that doesn’t really happen much so I was cherishing just being able to sit in quiet and read or watch TV (without headphones…woo!) by myself.  Buuuut I go back to school in a few hours so it’s back to the usual.  Sad.

Oh yeah, now that my camera battery is all juiced up, LOOKIE at my new watch!


I know, it’s just a watch. But I got really excited about it.

If I had to briefly describe my break, I would have to say it was all about the food.  I ate a lot of food.  I made a lot of food.  I baked.  We had people over and ate food with them.  I went out to eat with friends.  Lots of eating happened this spring break…can’t get that kind of food at school so gotta get it while I’m home! 🙂  One of the things I made was carrot cake pancakes…they were SO TASTY.


I also spent some lovely quality time with my doggie, which was wonderful.  Walks were a daily occurrence, which we were both loving.  I have to say though, I am definitely missing the gym.  (I may go when I get back to school today…)

Something I am NOT excited about: apparently, we are supposed to get a snowstorm tonight/tomorrow.  WHAT THE HECK.  It is March!  Spring has almost officially started!  Can we not, Mother Nature?  NOT feeling it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Have a great Monday! 🙂

Spring Break is in Sight!

This Friday seriously did not come fast enough.

Actually, I take that back.  The week passed by quickly but I had so much work to do, there never seemed to be enough time to get it done!  Which leads me to say…

…Sorry for not posting the past few days!  College happened and…yeah.  Midterms.  Enough said.  But seriously though…this week was crazy.  Because of our snow day Monday and delay Tuesday, I ended up having a Bio exam on Tuesday and a Chem exam on Wednesday and two papers due yesterday.  Crazytown!

But now I just have to get through classes today and at two, I’m FREE! 🙂  Spring break is within reach!  And when I get out of class at two, my best friend from PA will be arriving here!  I have an afternoon/evening full of fun planned for her.  And then, because she is wonderfully fantabulously nice (I hope you are reading this, S!) she is taking me home too.  And my taking me home I mean taking me and all of my laundry, clothes, schoolwork, and other shtuff home.  See why I just love her?

Know who else I love?  My physical therapist.  I have been having pain down by my toes (no worries, just joint inflammation because of the six weeks with my fiberglass BFF) so she put a pad in my shoe and VOILA!  Problem solved.  And she offered to do it for my other pair of sneakers too.  WIN.

After I turned in my papers yesterday and picked up my Chem exam, I went to the gym and then I came back and caught up on a buuuunch of TV shows.  It was heavenly.  That was the first night I had time to do that this week!  That, ladies and gents, is why I love Thursdays.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday and stayed tuned for a recap of my adventures with S! 🙂